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Chybí vám v mapě nějaký objekt nebo spline? Tak tento prográmek je ideální právě pro Vás, protože vám usnadní práci. Stačí vybrat složku z mapou a už se vám na záložce Missing Objects a/nebo Missing Splines, objeví seznam chybějících věcí. Tento progámek je taky vhodný pro tvůrce map. ___________________________________________________________________ This application focuses on two different types of OMSI user: regular drivers who are experiencing problems with missing objects/splines when loading maps, or those who want to uninstall a map and get rid of unnecessary content. This tool will provide you the exact objects/splines you are missing, making your task of asking support much more efficient.
map designers who are creating medium to complex maps which use a considerable variety of scenery objects and splines. It will provide information about which objects/splines your map is using. It's natural sometimes to forget to include important object or spline packages within our map files, thus having to release additional patches to fix these missing files issues. This will hopefully decrease these occurrences. The application is very simple to use. It’s meant to be simple and effective. All the information is directly extracted from the tile (.map) files.
Functionalities: (NEW IN 2.0) Provides information about which Scenery Objects and Splines you are missing in order to run a specific map. By analyzing a map, the application will compare your contents to the map structure, and it will check which of them you don’t have in your OMSI folder. Provides summarized information about the objects and splines used by your map (amount of objects and splines) Provides analytical information about the objects and splines used by your map (exhaustive file and folder list, so you can always keep track accurately of which content folders your map is using) Provides an extra function to automatically copy used objects and splines to another folder It includes a quick guide with general information and usage instructions. Read it.