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Vážení návštěvníci, vážení členové, komunito. Vzhledem k množícím se dotazům, bychom vás informovali, že naše projekty OFPmafia a TS-Sim jsou především určené pro vás, komunitu, čímž můžete neomezeně bez jakýchkoliv omezení (bez porušení podmínek) nahrávat a sdílet vaší tvorbu přímo na našich stránkách.

Děkujeme, za pochopení a těšíme se na vaši tvorbu.

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Project details: The NL 233 CNG and the NL 313 CNG are natural gas-fired buses (standard, low-floor), part of the A20 generation produced since 1996 by MAN. These versions are based on the models with bodywork by Salvador Caetano (CityGold MAN 2K CNG), a well-known Portuguese company specialized in this field.

Some features:
Motor power: NL 233 CNG - 231 hp (170 kW); NL 313 - 310 hp (228 kW);
Transmission: Voith DIWA.3 class, automatic, 4 gears

Doors: 2, manually controlled
IBIS system: Tecmic (by MicroProcessador, made in Portugal) - There is the possibility to set the language of the device as English, German or Portuguese, over .cti-Files! English and German textures also available!
Matrix: Several choices (different vehicles) => MicroProcessador, NSS, BKB Electronica [flipdot]; LAWO, MicroProcessador [LED];

This package includes 12 different vehicles:, NL 233 CNG and NL 313 CNG, each with:
- Generic Versions (for any map), with 5 different variants, each with different Matrixes.
- STCP-Version (optimal for the Porto map, not yet available)

Manual available in English, Portuguese and German! Please read it before asking questions, and the FAQ's as well...

Credits for other authors: I'd like to thank these authors for their permission of the use of the their work!
- alterr, Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro (u.a.): scripts, dashboard models (some models were copied directly, others were modified for these buses)
- Pedro Vendeira, Mercedes-Benz O405 Camo Camus: texture elements, Tecmic model and texture (the Tecmic script was not used)
- Morphi, Scania CityWide: Retarder sounds
- Marcel Kuhnt and Rüdiger Hülsmann, MAN NL 202: Scripts and textures

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