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  1. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Ahoj, I don't know but I'll try to do the most realistic as possible ! Some news : >>>Pictures : PF 2018 !
  2. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Petrol station at Vozovna Vokovice : >>>Pictures :
  3. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Ahoj ! Vozovna Vokovice and surroundings : >>>Pictures :
  4. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Hi ! Sorry for the long inactivity, but I'm back, and here are some pics ! Indeed, I configured traffic AI and traffic lights >>>Pictures : [17/11/16] : Dědina stop, intersection with the Pražský okruh, intersection with the road to OC Šestka, larger stops at Nová Šarka, work between Divoká Šarka and Nadraži Veleslavín (Vozovna Vokovice). >>>Pictures :
  5. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Good evening, I'm sorry not to have given news for a long time. I had personal problems that prevented me to work on the project. Being very busy now, it's hard for me to work on the map. However when I find time, I'll not hesitate to work on the project. The map is not canceled but slowed. I don't know if I'll continue to make the monthly magazine BUSS. Thank you for your understanding - Zenus103
  6. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Ano, budu to opravit kdy mapa bude hotova. (Yeah, my czech is very bad :p) Yes, I'll fix it when the map will be finished.
  7. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Thanks Měsíčník BUSS (Květen 2016) :
  8. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Dobry vecer, Every month this magazine will show you all the news on the map. Hope you'll like it !
  9. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Pracuje se na Nádraží Veleslavín
  10. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Noční mod založen
  11. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Práce na křižovatce u terminálu 1 :)
  12. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Ahoj :) The fence of the airport added and the panels are back too!
  13. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Good evening So first on my website there is a blog on the home page which simplifies navigation. Then I did a little let's play on my map
  14. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Hi guys I plan to make a short video on the map so I need your opinion! >>
  15. [WiP] Praha, linky 112/119

    Thanks Ahoj ! What's new on the map? - The plane in front of the head office of Czech Airlines - Nova Sarka stop completed - Updating the sidewalk texture