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  1. Jelcz L100l "Citus"

    Projekt Dč™be
  2. Jelcz 120MM/2

    Convert: Invis & Ziomek Jelcz 120MM/2 - MAN Engine and Voith Gearbox, based on Jelcz 120MM/2 #452 from Włocławek. Some Screenshoots: Feel free to comment!
  3. [WIP] Jelcz L100 "Citus" Released.
  4. [WIP] Jelcz L100 "Citus"

    Actually, I'm author of this convert. Release date: 07.11.2014r. at
  5. [WIP] Solaris Urbino 12 III Here is the topic for this model by me
  6. [WIP] Solaris Urbino 12 III

    Thanks for update @Sergio_Cz Video:
  7. [WIP] Solaris Urbino 12 III Test video
  8. [WIP] Solaris Urbino 12 III

    So, here are screenshoots from OMSI2. Enjoy it! MPK Nowy Sč…cz repaint created by Sezamix Some texture edited by Mr.Yanke$
  9. [WIP] Solaris Urbino 12 III

    @up Thanks! If anyone want to help with Solaris, one can send to me high quality sound und photos from Urbino 12
  10. [WIP] Solaris Urbino 12 III

    New handrails: @Gamelaster What are you thinking about?
  11. [WIP] Solaris Urbino 12 III

    Co do skryptów, to powiedz o jakie chodzi, to ci powiem, czy takie bč™dč… Abou scripts, tell me what you want, I tell you, that will be.
  12. [WIP] Solaris Urbino 12 III

    New info! We take cooperation with user called Gocek. He is trying to improve body of this Solaris to OMSI.