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  1. Autobahnmap

  2. Ruhrrau

  3. Sanos S-115

  4. Solaris Urbino 12 / 18

  5. Karosa B931

  6. Pilzdorf 5.0

  7. MAN SU 220

  8. IKARUS EAG Rába

    The bus wont start I cant turn the Engine on
  9. Solaris Urbino 12 / 18

  10. Each map for OMSI 2 that take off from here does not function properly or ejected, or freezes! Is it so hard to put links of the map who work with the latest version OMSI 2? Please dont put download links enymore....
  11. Autobahnmap

    Map can"t start Freeze on Loading AI screen
  12. Mercedes Benz O530 (Citaro G)

  13. Mercedes o520 Cito

  14. Mercedes-Benz O405N²

  15. SOR C10.5

  16. Liaz 6213.20

  17. Mercedes Benz O530 (Citaro G)

  18. MAN SU 220

  19. [Download]Ruhrrau

    The problem is that 90% of the maps on this site are not working . that is the problem
  20. [Download]Ruhrrau

    I just want to say that if the maps download was was paid then they would be correct one and it will be working just fine.... If you want make good quality maps, Do the job properly and will not be a problem, people will buy a good map if you put a good price.
  21. [Download]Ruhrrau

    Why should I searched the Net? If someone puts incorrect maps and needlessly taking up space on the disc should prohibit disclosure of such maps, it is possible that, for example, project Szencin map folder has everything needed to install and everything works from the first, that is not the case with the other 90% of the maps that are available for download located on the this site. Ruhrau map is just dont wont start, More than once I installed everything from scratch each time always appears an error that something is missing,If you can not make a proper map, then put the obligatory automatically install and payment, this does not make sense, each map has errors and rarely working
  22. [Download]Ruhrrau

    The map still won"t work All files are still missing 1.Error Sceneryobjects-/Kruz MC/model/haltenbucht_double, could not read 03dfile 2 Error on loading ----Scenery Objects not found / backgroundsounds/shopping center_cube,sco
  23. [Download]Ruhrrau

    I just want to say that it should be okay if someone puts a maps to play the game that it would be okay to put everything needed for a normal start and installation, Not after that you have to look at what's wrong with the map and search the net to how map will work normally because someone did not put all the files required right away., don"t just release it here and that half of needed is missing...
  24. [Download]Ruhrrau

    There is no link for that missng files, only link for complete Folder where is map, but there is no Files that are needed to play, Don"t download, when they put all files for playing then installed it, till then fuck this Map