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    View File Projekt Szczecin The map Projekt Szczecin allows one to drive bus lines in Szczecin, a city in north-western Poland. TheAuthority in charge of the bus lines is Zarzč…d Dróg i Transportu Miejskiego (Road and City Transport Authority) in Szczecin. The following routes can be driven: - day route 57: Kollataja - Warszewo; fully real route; - day route 58: Stocznia Szczecinska - GocÅ‚aw; fully real route; - day route 59: Plac Rodla - WiszesÅ‚awa; fully real route; - day route 63: Kollataja - Skolwin; fully real route; - day route 68: Plac Rodla - Kormoranów; fully real route; - day route 82: Kollataja - Krucza Dom Kombatanta; fully real route; - night route 522: Kollataja - Kormoranów / Warszewo; partially real route. Submitter PapisCZE Submitted 28.2.2014 Category Mapy Autor mpaw82 & tomass94 Heslo Zpětná kompatibilita s OMSI1 Ne/No